Scorpion in Dream

Interpretation / Explanation / Meanings of Seeing Scorpion ( Bichu - بچھو ) in Dreams 

  • See scorpion is a weak enemy (Bichu zaif dushman- بچھو ضعیف دشمن )
  •  Scorpion bite (Bichu ka katna- بچھو کا کاٹنا )
  • Scorpion alive after killing (Marne ke baad bichu zinda- مرنے کے بعد بچھو زندہ )
  • Scorpion in hand (Hath mein bichu- ہاتھ میں بچھو )
  • To eat snake (Sanp ko khana- سانپ کو کھانا )
  • Scorpion in trousers (Shalwar mein bichu- شلوار میں بچھو )

  • Khawab mein bichu dekhna, Seeing scorpion in dreams from famous book tabeer ur roya by imam ibn e Sereen

    Above Reference From Famous Book: Tabeer Ur Roya By Imam Ibn e Sereen

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