Aap Ke Khawab Aur Un Ki Tabeer - 9

Interpretation / Explanation / Meanings of Dreams about
  • Black Cat (Kali Billi)
  • To see own marriage (Apni shadi dekhna)
  • Aunty's home /Talk to a boy (chachi ka ghar / larkey se baat cheet)
  • Wooden hair brush (Lakri k kangey)
  • A string of pearls (Motion ki mala)
  • Advise to save yourself from illegal income (Najaiyez amadni se bachne ki takeed)
  • A beautiful shirt (Khobsurat kameez)
  • Possibility /Fear of disease (Bemari ka andesha)
  • Witchery /Magical effects (Jadoo ke asraat)
  • Good and Bad dreams (Ache bure khawab)
  • To see grass on mountains (Pahadhon per ghass)
  • Bee hive on a tree with full of  honey (shehad ka darakht) 

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