Aap Ke Khawab Aur Un Ki Tabeer - 45

Below Video Contains Interpretation / Explanation / Meanings of Dreams about

1.    Nikah Nama (Wedlock Paper)
2.    Janwaron Ki Qurbani (Sacrifice / Altar Animals)
3.    Khofnaak Hadse Ka Khadsha (Threat Of Horrible Accident)
4.    Walida Se Maafi (Apology From Mother)
5.    Safaid Seerihyan (White Stairs)
6.    Lapata Nandoyi (Lost / Missed Bother In Law)
7.    Kala Kutta (Black Dog)
8.    Bhai Ki Shakal Mein Asaib (Demon in face of brother)
9.    Bazar Mein Chiraghan (Lighting in Market)

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