Aap Ke Khawab Aur Un Ki Tabeer - 12

Interpretation / Explanation / Meanings of Dreams about
  • See second marriage (Dosry shadi)
  • Death of sisters (Behno ka intiqal)
  •  Water around every where (Har taraf pani)
  • Red snake is a sign of Hurdles / Problems (Surkh saanp rukawatoon ki nishani)
  • Flying stars (Udhte howe sitare)
  • Blue stone (Nila pathar)
  • Broken teeth is sign of financial problems (Toote howe daant malli pereshanion ki nishani)
  • Jumped / Dived into the water (Pani mein chalang lagana)
  • Sink into the Earth /Mud (Zameen mein dhansna)
  • Fruits /Oranges / Garden sign of good news (phalon ka bagh khushi ki khabar)
  • Camel and camel baby creating problems (Unth aur us ka bacha)

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